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I know how it feels to spend hours Googling the best diet plan for weight loss only to wind up even more confused than before. Everywhere you turn some new expert has advice about what you need to try next. Should you go keto, paleo, vegan, eat more protein, or track your calories?? I used to be right there with you...confused, overwhelmed, and totally fed-up with the lack of real results I was seeing from all my efforts.

I finally discovered the way to reach my goals and create a balanced, healthy life without depriving myself of the foods I love or skipping out on happy-hour with my friends. Now I want to show you the way! You don't need to become a nutritionist or expert chef to create the healthy lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Stop wasting time scouring the internet for the magic weight loss shake, skinny tea or meal plan. You don't need any of that! You need accountability and guidance from someone who gets what you're going through and knows how to help you cultivate long-term habit change and overcome self-sabotage so you can finally see the results you've been wishing for.

get the highest level of support and accountability available so you're guaranteed to succeed.

Where could you be a year from now if you finally stopped quitting and went all-in?

Enjoying your favorite treats on the weekends without any worries about ruining your progress or stalling your progress.

Being able to go out with family and friends without stressing about what to order or beating yourself up over your food choices later.

Having the freedom and confidence to pursue your biggest dreams and goals because you no longer obsess over food and the way your body looks.

Feeling at peace, knowing that you are nourishing your body well and taking care of yourself from a place of love and gratitude.

Just imagine...

are you ready to

If you've ever suspected that there must be a way to reach your health goals and sustain them long-term that doesn't include calorie counting, carb-cutting or other extreme measures, you're absolutely right! My clients learn the secret sauce to creating a healthy lifestyle that gets them results AND gives them back their freedom.

stop feeling stuck and finally get results?

Finally feeling confident in their own skin

Creating weekly meal plans they actually enjoy eating

Cultivating healthy habits they can maintain for life

Learning how to eat for their specific body & activity level

Feeling full, focused and energized throughout the day

my client are:

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You want to be the type of person who maintains a healthy lifestyle and doesn't struggle with cravings and lack of motivation.

You're way too busy for hours of meal preps and crazy workout schedules. You need a way to get results without wasting any time .

You're tired of trying to follow new diets that you ultimately know you don't want to maintain for the rest of your life.

You're ready to find a way of eating that's sustainable and let's you reach your health goals without starving yourself.

Who You Are...

How does it work?

You've tried a million meal plans, fitness apps and food trackers in the past and none of it worked because you were missing this one crucial component...The accountability you receive here is what sets this program apart from everything else you've tried in the past. Lauren will be there to encourage and support you through all the hurdles life throughs your way. Imagine how much you could accomplish if you just kept going??

1:1 Meetings

24/7 support

We'll tune into your body's natural hunger and fullness cues so you learn to eat when you're actually hungry and stop when your body is satisfied. You'll learn how to craft a balanced, healthy meal plan without counting calories or pulling out the food scale. We'll work together to create an easy process for meal planning that allows you to eat what you love and reach your health goals at the same time.

next-level Accountability

You'll get 24/7 instant messaging access to Lauren. No matter what situation you're in, you're never alone! Need help ordering at a restaurant? Looking for advice on your grocery store list? Having a bad day and tempted to dive into the ice cream? Just shoot a message over and let Lauren guide you to making a choice you'll be proud of later. 

Customized Dietary & lifestyle recommendations

In this one-on-one coaching program, you will have weekly coaching calls with Lauren. The topic of each call is customized for YOU; your struggles, your goals, and your life. You never need to worry about falling behind. These meetings are where we dig in and uncover the true obstacles (both mental and physical) that have been holding you back...then we make a plan to bust through them! 





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"to anyone thinking about trying Lauren's coaching program, I highly recommend it!"

"In the first two months of coaching I was able to successfully cut my caffeine intake in half"

— Lauren J.

"Lauren did an incredible job of helping me to reach my health and wellness goals!"

— Jordon R.

"This program was a huge help to get me back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I learned so much from Lauren"

"The only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to be"

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is this you?

You've been wishing you could lose those last few pounds for years with no success.

You do good with your food all week long, but then you blow it with over-drinking and over-eating on the weekends.

You're an on-again, off-again healthy eater, but you've never stuck with it long enough to see any real changes.

You plan to eat healthy but always succumb to temptation when your friends and family bring the food around.

You know the basics of what you should be doing to reach your goals but keep finding yourself NOT doing them.

You want to eat healthy but grocery shopping, cooking & meal prep feel too overwhelming and time consuming.

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If the statements above describe YOU...

My coaching program is the solution you need!


"Half way through, I realized I hadn't stepped on my scale in weeks because I was feeling so good about myself!"

"I always jumped from one fad diet to the next hoping to find the perfect, easy fix, only to give up a week or two later when I wasn't seeing results. But half way through (the program), I realized I hadn't stepped on my scale in weeks because I was feeling so good about myself! I was proud of myself for creating healthy habits and sticking to them, I was proud of how physically good I felt every day, and I was proud that I was learning to love how I looked no matter what the scale read. This new sense of "feeling good about myself" has made it so much easier to turn these new healthy habits into a maintainable lifestyle."

Lauren Johnson

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 "It was definitely the best decision to spend six months working in a partnership and learning how to make better, healthy choices!"

"This program changed my outlook on myself, the foods I eat, and the way I view health and nutrition. Lauren helped me work through blocks I had with changing my diet, determining what things are most important for me, and what changes would be the easiest to make. Once I got out of my own way, the changes became fluid and constant. I don't think I would be as healthy as I am now if I'd continued trying to make changes on my own. I've loved her coaching program and it was definitely the best decision to spend six months working in a partnership and learning how to make better, healthy choices!"


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hailey philips

 "No matter what situation I was in, I learned how to attack it the right way, still keeping my goals in mind. "

"The thing I appreciated most about working with Lauren was the flexibility and personalization that she had with me. No matter what situation I was in, I learned how to attack it the right way, still keeping my goals in mind. As someone who hates restrictive diets, I really enjoyed learning about the types of foods I need to fuel my body and keep it full. With the new information I learned, I'm able to create meals I like while still staying on track."

cassie davis


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Got time for a story? Here's mine

Feeling overwhelmed and confused by all the conflicting diet information online? I was there too. Being "good" all week, then blowing my diet every weekend was my typical routine. I finally learned how to change my eating habits and created a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that allows me weight what I want without giving up my social life or my favorite foods. Now I help other busy, driven young women reach their health goals and find their own version of weeknight wellness...without giving up their weekend wine ;)

a health coach on a mission to teach women the tools they need to change their eating habits forever and reach their goal weight without crazy diets or calorie counting.

I'm  Lauren.

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