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One of the most common reasons women give for why they can’t eat healthy is that they’re in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t ⠀ If you can relate, this post is for you.⠀⠀ Learning how to better yourself, regardless of whether or not you feel supported by others, is one of the most […]


How to Eat Healthy in a Relationship (Even When Your Partner Doesn’t)

How to Eat Healthy in a Relationship

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September 16, 2021

A health coach on a mission to teach busy, young women the tools they need to change their eating habits forever and reach their goal weight without crazy diets or calorie counting! Here on the blog I'm sharing a mix of my favorite recipes and fitness tips with the nutrition and mindset tools you need to truly change your life and health for good! Join me won't you?!

I'm Lauren.

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